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50 Foods Under 50 Calories

If you’re trying to get healthy and fit, high calories are your worst enemy.

In theory, if you could cut down 3,500 calories, you can lose 1 lb. But you can’t stop eating, can you?

So the simplest solution is to find out and create a list of healthy foods that have very low calories. Hence, you can enjoy all those delicious guilt-free pleasures without having to worry about your waistline or cardiac issues.

The good news is that we have cut your work down. Now you don’t need to waste hours researching healthy, low-calorie foods.

Following is a list of 50 foods and small snacks that have less than 50 calories. Go nuts!

  1. 1 cup of strawberries (or 12 strawberries) which have only 47 calories.
  2. Do you like cherries? Feel free to have 10 of them for just 42 calories.
  3. A clementine for 35 calories.
  4. A 75% cup of grapes for just 46 calories.
  5. 1 radish. It also adds a nice flavor to your salad.
  6. 6 dill pickles — delicious and have just 48 calories
  7. Butter-free popcorn. 1 cup = 31 calories.
  8. 2 omelette (egg-whites) have just 34 calories.
  9. 10 green olives that have only 42 calories
  10. 10 delicious and healthy grapes for just 35 calories.
  11. You can also have 1 pack (small) of raisins for just 45 calories.
  12. 1 small slice of fresh pineapple. Just 45 calories.
  13. 1 green apple (small size) may have just 50 calories, not to mention all the health benefits it has.
  14. 1 kiwi fruit for just 47 calories
  15. 1 rice cake (with sugar-free jam) for some delicious guilt-free dessert. Only 45 calories.
  16. 1 oz smoked salmon. It’s super healthy and have just 45 calories.
  17. 1 small slice of chicken breast. A pack of healthy benefits for just 27 calories.
  18. In a mood of some ice-cream? Have a small scoop of soft-scoop Vanilla ice-cream. It has around 50 calories.
  19. Hot chocolate drink with Belgian chocolate for just 40 calories.
  20. 50 g of cooked prawns has only 40 calories.
  21. 1 tangerine (small) has only 37 calories.
  22. 1 jelly for 15 calories. But make sure it is sugar-free.
  23. 50 blueberries = lots of health benefits in just under 39 calories.
  24. Half slice of brown bread. Tasty and under 37 calories.
  25. Around 8 dry roasted peanuts for 43 calories.

So that was a list of 25 foods that have under 50 calories. If you are interested in reading more, download our complete list of 50 calories that have just 50 calories or less.

Here is the link where you can download the complete list for free!

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