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What’s Your Fitness Age? This Simple Test Will Tell You

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Do you know that your actual age may not be the most accurate indicator of your longevity of life and how healthy you really are?

As a matter of fact, your chronological age has never been the most accurate indicator. In today’s world, you see young people dying and getting fatal diseases all the time. While it’s true you can’t always predict the future, but recent studies suggest that you may very well get an estimate on your fitness age.

And in case you’re still wondering, it’s not always the same as your chronological age.


Fitness Age – A Better Indicator of Your Health, Age and Overall Fitness

The best part about your fitness age is that, unlike your chronological age, it can be reduced.

So if someone is 50 years old, by working hard and by living a healthy lifestyle, he may have a fitness age of a 30 year old. Unfortunately, it also works the opposite way. So if you are not leading a healthy life, you may be just 30 years old, but you may have a fitness age of a 55 year old.

But the good news is that you have some sort of control over it, unlike your chronological age. And with the right attitude, mindset and determination, you can definitely improve it.

However, all of it comes at a relatively later stage. This is because you first need to identify what your fitness age actually is. Only after finding your fitness age, you can then evaluate yourself and your overall fitness level. Based on your evaluation, you can then take the necessary steps to improve it and make important adjustments in your lifestyle.

Furthermore, it is also a great idea to compare your fitness age with other people who are more or less the same age as yours. If you are have a worse than average fitness age, you know you will have some work to do.

But as I said, all of that comes later. At first, you need to find your fitness age first.

Here is a simple test that can help you find your fitness level.


World Fitness Level Test – How Fit Are You, Really?

Image of Fitness Test

Let’s start with a little background.

In order to check your fitness level, you should know your VO2max – which, really, very few people know. Also, knowing a person’s VO2max level involves some serious high-tech testing.

Thankfully, you now have an easier way.

A group of Norwegian scientists decided that it is time to develop an easy method. They did a lot of extensive research, studies and experimentation, and, in the end, they came up with the World Fitness Level Test.

You might be a bit susceptible to these kinds of test. And while they do give you some peace of mind, a direct correlation between high fitness levels and longer life spans have always been debatable … until recently.

A new scientific study published in June showed a direct correlation between longer life spans and high fitness levels. In summary, subjects with high VO2max lived longer, while people with low fitness levels – according to this test – died relatively earlier.

So here is the link of the test:

I think it is important to reiterate the efficiency of this small test. It takes into account various important factors that directly or indirectly affect your health level – and ultimately, the longevity of your life.

Moreover, new studies keep coming about the effectiveness of this test and its correlation with other important factors.

Given said that, a 100% accuracy level is still very far. But the main question that you should be asking right now is: what harm would it do to take a fitness test that is near-perfect?

Nothing, right.

If nothing, it would give you a sense of motivation and direction of where your health life is heading. On the other hand, if everything turns out great, you may earn a few bragging rights among your friends, family members and colleagues.

It really doesn’t matter how you perceive this test. In the near future, it is going to be a really important determiner of humans’ fitness levels and longevity of living periods, so it’s important that you, too, get on board with it.


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