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30 Day Fitness Challenge Ideas

Are you bored of your same old fitness routine?

If yes, this is the right time for you to accept a new fitness “challenge”. For most people, challenges give you a new motivation and set of goals. Sometimes, it is all the push you need to achieve your next significant target.

Apart from that, when you accept new fitness challenges, you can also get out of your common routine – which might get boring very easily.

So maybe it is time to start “enjoying” your fitness routine. Let’s take the “work” out of working out and you’ll see how fun a 30 day fitness challenge can be.

Here is a very simple fitness routine that will help you get a full body workout. The working days are nicely spread out with appropriate “resting” days in between. In this way, your body will also be getting a reasonable amount of rest – which is an extremely crucial aspect that most people totally ignore.


Day 1 – The Push-up Challenge

Day 1 – which, let’s say is Monday – is the push-up challenge. Push-ups are very important, regardless of what you’re trying to achieve. This simple exercise helps you build your biceps, triceps, chest and body core.

The challenge is to do 20 push-ups on your first day of the challenge.

Since it is the first day of the challenge, you can take as many sets as you can easily manage.

Day 2 – The Lunge Challenge

On Tuesday, your challenge is to do at least 20 forward lunges (10 for each leg) and 20 side lunges (10 for each leg).

Day 3 – The Abs Challenge

Who doesn’t like abs! Right?

So on Wednesday, the challenge is to do 20 simple crunches and 10 leg raises.

It may be a bit difficult for some people to do 20 crunches. If you are also one of them, make sure you are doing on a straight surface – not an inclined one. And divide those 20 crunches into 3-4 sets.

Day 4 – Rest

Well, you have done enough. Don’t kill yourself and take a day off. You deserve it!

Day 5 – The ‘Muscular Arms’ Challenge

Let’s get back to business.

On Friday, your challenge is to 10 tricep dips, 20 dumbbell tricep extension and 20 bicep curls.

If you find it difficult to do – it isn’t a lot, by the way – feel free to break it down into 2-3 sets.

Day 6 – The ‘Mile’ Challenge

On Saturday, it is time to run, jog, tread, swim or bike. It is up to you.

Going for jogging or running on a treadmill is a slightly better idea, because you will be able to track the exact distance you’re covering. But as long as you can track the time or intensity of your activity, it’s good enough.

Day 7 – Rest

It’s Sunday, so it’s time for rest.

Relax your body and let it heal. It’s an important part of the whole 30-day fitness challenge.

Note: This is basically the entire 30-day fitness challenge for you. You might be wondering what to do in the upcoming weeks? The answer is to do the same thing, but increase the volume of your exercise.

Let me give you a glimpse of how the 2nd week would look like.

Day 9 – The Push Up Challenge

The idea is to increase everything by 10.

So if, on day 1, you did 20 push-ups, on day 9, you will be doing 30 of them.

Moreover, as you are moving forward in your 30-day fitness challenge, it is also highly recommended to divide your exercise in even 3 sets.

So in this case, aim for doing 30 push-ups in a total of 3 sets – 10 push-ups in each set.

Day 10 – The Lunge Challenge

On day 10, the challenge would be 30 forward lunges and 30 side lunges – 15 for each leg.

Day 11 – The Abs Challenge

The challenge would be to do 30 crunches (equally divided into 3 sets) and at least 20 leg raises.

Day 12 – Rest

You can take a day off after 3 days of exercising.

Day 13 – The ‘Muscular Arms’ Challenge

The challenge would be to do 20 tricep dips, 30 dumbbell tricep extension and 30 bicep curls.

Day 14 – The ‘Mile’ Challenge

It might be a little tough, but try increasing 1 mile every time.

So if you ran a total of 1 mile on Day 7, the challenge would be to run 2 miles this time. Can you do it?

Day 15 – Rest


Final Words

So on and so forth.

You will be repeating the same things for the rest of the 2 weeks. Just focus on increasing every exercise by 10 reps. In case of miles, try increasing 1 mile every time you run.

Good luck!

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