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10 reasons to Yoga

10 reasons Yoga is incredibly good for you….

There are lots of gym classes that peak and trough in terms of popularity. Yoga isn’t one of them. It has been around for longer than any High Intensity Class and its popularity continues to grow. Here are some reasons why….

  1. Suppleness

It may seem obvious but it really is one of the chief benefits to doing Yoga. By stretching our body on a regular basis we are demanding it to become supple. Increased suppleness means less injury, greater flexibility and toning of the body.

  1. Cold remedy

You might not believe it, but Yoga has been widely used to treat and also prevent Cold and Flu. The poses, which tend to focus around the head being lower than the heart, include the Supported Headstand, Child Pose and Seated Forward Bend.

  1. Sleep

As we all know sleep is key to a healthy lifestyle. Yoga can really help to mentally switch you off but also allow you the flexibility to be generally comfier in bed. The Hare Pose, Downward Facing Dog and Bound Angle Pose are all example of poses used here.

  1. Stress relief

The breathing, pose and meditation elements of Yoga make it hugely beneficial for Stress Relief. Few people outside of Yoga ever focus fully on breathing and relate it to the demand we put on the body in the way we do in Yoga.

  1. Focus

The focal demands that yoga can put on you means that you have to learn to focus. This focus is on your surroundings as well as all areas of the body. The more advanced you become at Yoga the more focus you require to complete some of the movements. Focusing the brain in this way is a way of working it out in itself, this can then be used for other areas of your life

  1. Balance

Good balance is key for many areas of fitness. Yoga relies on developing balance in order to develop fitness. Using balance at its core means that people who participate in Yoga develop well in other sports and are able to compete better and even longer. There is a certain Premier League footballer who puts down his career until the age of 37 to Yoga!

  1. Core strength

We all know Core Strength is key for many sports, good posture and overall health. Yoga places the core at the centre of its workout working away from it to develop further strength. The more advanced we become at Yoga the stronger our core becomes.

  1. Mental well-being

Yoga represents an opportunity to take some time out to yourself, create a relaxing atmosphere concentrate and focus on yourself and feel good about your body. This all equates to good mental well-being levels. The Easy Pose, Upward Table Pose and Upward Plank all allow deep breaths and relaxation.

  1. Good party tricks

Any seasoned Yoga participant will be able to get themselves in some unbelievable poses and stretches – Lets face it, when it comes to party tricks you could leave the other for dead! Be sure to warm up though. Drink and Yoga responsibly!!!

  1. Digestion

The key to good digestion is good fuel, but Yoga can really help you digest effectively. The incorporated movements stretch and workout the digestive system. Mountain Pose, Purifying Breaths, Half Moon and Crow Pose are all used here.

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