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10 Tips for Getting into Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is a something that needs dedication, motivation, focus and above self discipline. Here’s 10 top tips from our very own John Simpson who has had outstanding success with his training, and entry into the world of bodybuilding!

#1 Form

having no form will cause injurys and make your progress to weight loss or muscle gain longer than needed, adapting to form will not only prevent injurys but also get the best results from that exercise

#2 Nutrition

knowing what to eat is key! Eating clean and knowing the difference between good carbs and bad will help you progress through your training. NUTRITION IS KEY TO RESULTS

#3 Training Method

Train each body part atleast once a week, spending an hour to an hour and half each time, have a split such as;
Chest – Triceps – Abs
Shoulders – Legs
Back – Biceps

#4 Sleep

Sleep is your key to recovery more you sleep more you recover. It also helps you train better having a proper rest than 3 hours of sleep. I recommend 8-11 hours sleep a night.

#5 Overtraining

This can cause you to not see no change in shape and physique. Your body needs rest, don’t ignore your body when it is telling you it’s tired and needs the rest!

#6 Pictures

Keep a track of pictures instead of weighing, muscle weighs more than fat so you could have lost the fat but built muscle, so the best way to record and see if your making progress is pictures. Take a side pose front pose and back pose every 2 months and back track to see your progress you’ve made

#7 Supplements

Don’t think that supplements are going to get you stacked or shredded, yeah they are useful but you grow from food and the nutrients you take in through your food.

#8 Hydration

Stay hydrated your body needs it to fuel as well as your mind! I recommend to drink around 4-6 litres a day

#9 Stay away from gimmicks

There is no quick way to get “shredded 6 pack abs” so the internet articles and tv adverts are full of bs, the way to be lean and have the shredded looks is down to dieting and how deep your abs are. Not drinking 4meal replacement drinks by these “fat loss company’s” and not getting no good nutrients from food.

#10 Patience

Rome wasn’t built in a day!

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