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Set Up Your Spin Bike Like A Pro

Spinning classes started in the 1980’s and today is an incredibly popular form of exercising, and for good reason, it is incredibly efficient at burning calories and building fitness, oh, and great fun.

With dedicated spin studios, and lots of people blasting away in them on a weekly basis, we thought we’d share with you some easy steps to setup your spin bike like a pro.



  1. Adjust your saddle height:

This is the key for comfort throughout your spin session, as well as being able to drive your heel. If your saddle is too low, this can result in knee pain. If the saddle is too high, you’ll end up losing leverage. To adjust to correct height, all you need to do is stand next to the bike and the saddle should be parallel to your hipbone. This is usually the ideal height. When your foot is at the bottom of the pedal cycle your knee should have a small angle in it only.


  1. Check seat position:

Spin bikes are designed to focus on your height and tend to be adjusted either forward or backwards if you’re taller or shorter than average.

With checking the position of your seat, the main aim is to have your knees properly aligned to your feet. To do this, all you need to do is sit on the saddle in the riding position with your hands firmly on the handlebars and the balls of your feet over the centre of the pedals. Next, position the pedals and make sure they’re level with each other with your feet in the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions and make sure your kneecap is directly above the centre of the pedal. Another rough guide is to use your forearm and measure from the front of the seat to the handlebar.

  1. Handlebars;

When adjusting your handlebars, your shoulders should be inline with your elbows and hips. This should make you feel a lot more comfortable and ready for the session. If you’re more experienced with spinning, you should be able to set your handlebars to the same height as your saddle as this is the most effective way to increased power.


*Those with back problems may want to set their handlebars a little bit higher to avoid triggering any weaknesses.


  1. Secure;

It’s key to make sure everything is secure before you begin your workout once you have your bike set up, ultimately make sure you feel comfortable before you start.


What are the benefits of spinning?

– Burn calories: from a single spin class, you can burn up to 500 calories!
– Improve cardio for a healthy heart
– You can set your own pace
– Lower your bodies workout breaking point
– Able to build lean muscle definition
– Strengthen your core
– It helps to enhance your mental strength
– Work out with a team which increased motivation


Does spinning sound like it’s the perfect fitness class for you? Sign up to one of our classes at i-motion Gym and start your spin journey today!

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