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Working Out But Putting On Weight?

Working Out But Putting On Weight?


People who start out at the gym can often find they put weight on. The despair as the weighing scales creep up instead of down is real. But don’t worry, its normal and only temporary. Here are a few reasons as to why this happens:


  1. Temporary Inflammation

This is one of the most likely reasons you are likely to put on a little extra weight when you start working out or changing your workout routine. When working out, it causes little tares in your muscle fibres. This is called micro trauma and is the reason you feel sore after a workout. Don’t worry though, your body heals the tares making them stronger than previously. This process is called adaptation, which results in you becoming fitter and stronger.


Everyone experiences temporary inflammation as it’s your body’s way of responding to injury, infection, stress, certain foods, toxins, chemicals and other issues. Depending on what the cause is, inflammation could include swelling, redness, heat and/or pain inside the body.


In order to reduce inflammation, you could try:

– Turmeric
– Eat your greens
– Your red, blue and purple fruits are good for you

– A handful of nuts
– More exercise
– Reduce stress
– Step into the yoga game
– Get enough sleep!
– Green tea
– Massage


  1. Muscle Gain

Gaining muscle faster than you’re shredding fat is another reason – but it’s one of the less likely reasons.


There have been a few cases in which women think their thighs are getting bigger, but this is only because they’re gaining muscle that ends up pushing out the fat build-ups. Patience is still key and all the fat will end up burning off, resulting in toned muscle structure.


  1. Your Diet

Exercise goes hand in hand with your diet. It’s tough to lose weight if you’re still eating whatever you want. Quite often when we hit the gym we end up eating bigger portions to quench our newfound hunger. Exercise burns calories, but it also increases the release of ghrelin that is a hormone that promotes hunger.


What can you do?

  • Watch your portion sizes closely
  • Balance your diet
  • Have a food plan
  • Stick to your daily calorie allowance
  • Read food labels!


Should I stop exercising if I’m gaining weight?


No! Anything is achievable if you put your mind to it and work hard.


It may take a week or two; it may take longer, but you WILL start to see the results you are working for. If you are still struggling speak to a Personal Trainer or Dietician. Good luck with your fitness journeys, remember, everyone has to start somewhere.

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