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• No person under the age of 16 is allowed into an i-motion gym.

• Members encountering significant changes to their health condition subsequent to their completion of the initial on-line declaration (PAR-Q/Health Commitment Statement), should be brought to the i-motion gym management’s attention, such that e.g. an alternative fitness programme may be recommended and / or the member being asked to make a referral to their GP.

• Members must use their unique security PIN number on each visit to gain access to i-motion gym (use of your PIN number is monitored and misuse will result in the termination of your membership).

• We record CCTV of the membership access process and member usage to ensure the safety and security of our members.

• On joining, all members are offered a comprehensive induction to instruct them in equipment use. Before partaking in an induction and before using our gym equipment for the first time, a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire – PARQ or a Health Commitment Statement – must be completed via the i-motion gym website.

• All members are recommended to partake in a gym equipment induction. Previous gym users may decide at their discretion not to have a gym induction.

• Induction bookings to be completed either online or at the gym reception.

• i-motion gym will not accept any liability for any claim for negligence if an induction has not been carried out by qualified gym staff.

• i-motion gym will not allow members to carry out Personal Training with other members.

• For safety reasons, it is essential that the correct attire is worn when exercising i.e. suitable, comfortable exercise clothing and footwear, strictly no jeans or workwear.

• As a courtesy to other members, a small gym towel should be carried to wipe down equipment after use.

• Although we will always endeavour to return any articles of lost property to the owner, we do not take responsibility for any item held in lost property. Such items will be kept until claimed, but for no longer than one week.

• The management of each gym reserves the right to terminate or suspend membership at any stage at its sole discretion.

Fire Evacuation Plan
In the event of discovering a fire, please follow the following procedures:

• Operate the nearest Fire Alarm.

• Leave the building by the nearest available exit.

• DO NOT stop to collect personal belongings.

• DO NOT return to the building until authorised to do so.

• DO NOT use lifts.

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